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TMGP: Can you describe your best moment or day on the golf course?

Steve: Witnessing my oldest son’s Hole in One while playing with him and his grandfather in Naples, Florida.

TMGP: Do you take lessons and have a regular teacher? Describe what you do to fix things when needed. Go to a teacher? Work things out yourself?

Steve: I work things out myself usually but I have had help from a lot of great players and teachers over the years. Dennis Goettel, Tom Loyd, Scott Bess, Al Chandler, Stan Utley to name just a few.

TMGP: What/who got you started into the game of golf?

Steve: My dad when I was very young but I did not take it seriously until I started working at Nickell the summer after graduating High School . Jay Burnham and I would spin around as fast as we could, playing as many holes as we could before taking over for Mrs. Mills at 3:00 to run the shop until dark . It was not uncommon for us to play 54 holes in a day.

TMGP: Do you have a regular “game” with friends?

Steve: No, I have become a range player only pretty much. I enjoy hitting balls much more than playing I am sorry to say.

TMGP: What’s your best score? Number and what was it to par?

Steve: Best score is 62 ,-8 at Nickell ,,, long time ago. I did shoot 29 , -6 on a goat ranch in Ft. Stockton , TX one day. Shot 66 at Nickell in the city championship one year and 3 putted 4 times to do that. Putting is not my strong suit!

TMGP: What’s the most beautiful/scenic course you’ve ever played?

Steve: Without question. OLD HEAD in Ireland. Played there this past September.

TMGP: Have you ever met or played with a current or former PGA Tour player?

Steve: In my work as a golf rep I have had the good fortune to meet many tour players.
I would say the most special was meeting Arnold Palmer. Al Chandler introduced me when I was caddying for him at a Champions Tour event in San Antonio.

Crenshaw, Kite, Faldo, Janzen and Tom Watson of the major championship winners.

Played with John Daly in the Missouri Open and knew him when I worked with Wilson as well. I helped Stan Utley with his Rainbow House event for many years and met and spent time with many of the guys that he brought in.


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