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TMGP: What/who got you started into the game of golf?

Morgan: The person that first introduced me into the game of golf was my dad. At the age of 5 he would take me out to our local Country Club to hang out with “the guys.” After all the guys were done hitting he would let me tee one up and swing away.

TMGP: Can you describe your best moment or day on the golf course?

Morgan: I have a few moments that I won’t ever forget but the one that sticks out the most is when I was playing collegiate golf for William Woods University Owls. We qualified to go to Nationals in Portland Oregon my senior year and the first round it was rainy and kind of miserable. On the 6th hole of my round I approached a par 3 playing about 180 yards. My Head Coach, Assistant Coach, my mom, and my sister were watching me hit my shot and after I hit I realized it was a good shot and next thing I know I had carded my first hole in one.

TMGP: Do you take lessons and have a regular teacher? Describe what you do to fix things when needed. Go to a teacher? Work things out yourself?

Morgan: I went to Florida for one summer to a swing coach and he helped me mostly with my short game which needed some improvement. But usually when I feel like something is wrong I video myself and breakdown my own swing to figure out what I need to change to become better.

TMGP: What’s your best score? Number and what was it to par?

Morgan: My best score is at my local Country Club which is a 9 hole course, which we play twice for an 18 hole score, is a 64 on a par 72. My best tournament score came during college when I card a 66 on a par 72 at one of our home tournaments.

TMGP: What’s the most beautiful/scenic course you’ve ever played?

Morgan: The course that I would say is the most beautiful course I’ve played would be Isleworth Golf and Country in Windermere Florida. A lot of PGA tour players live and are members there. It is the course where Tiger Woods had is infamous car crash on.

TMGP: Have you ever met or played with a current or former PGA Tour player?

Morgan: I have never played with a current PGA Tour player but I have met quite a few. Some to name are Tom Watson, Tiger Woods, Bill Haas, Graeme McDowell, Bubba Watson, Fred Couples, Rickie Fowler, and Webb Simpson.

TMGP: What’s the best golf related advice/tip that you’ve ever been given?

Morgan: The best advice I have ever received was from my dad and it was “always focus on the shot at hand, don’t worry about the previous shots because you cannot go back and change them.”

TMGP: Do you have any specific golf products that you rely on/enjoy using?

Morgan: The one product that I would be lost without is my range finder. I use my range finder every time I play, especially on courses that I have never played. I don’t see how people play without some type of yardage finder. I use it on pretty well all my shots except for chipping and putting.

TMGP: What’s the coolest or dumbest golf gadget you ever bought?

Morgan: I guess you can call me old school because when it comes to golf gadgets I’m not a big guru of them. I believe in keeping stuff simple and I think a lot of the gadgets/teaching aids out on the market are kind of over kill.

TMGP: Have you changed out your long irons to hybrids? What’s the longest iron in your golf bag?

Morgan: Depending on the course I like to swap out my 2 and 3 irons for my 2 hybrid. But for the most part I normally don’t play with hybrids and just stick to my longer irons which are my 2 and 3 irons.

TMGP: Have you ever taken putting lessons?

Morgan: I have taken many putting lessons. Todd Sones is a short game instructor out of the Chicago area and he is fantastic. I think putting is the most important part of your game. Most people use a putter that is too long and that affects their putting strokes. If you get fitted for the right putter you should see improvement in the number of putts per round you have.

TMGP: What’s the course that you play on most often? What advice would you pass onto someone who is playing there for their first time?

Morgan: The National Golf Club of Kansas City is the course I play the most. The best advice I could give someone that is playing there for the first time would be to not to hit driver very much. The front 9 and some holes on the back are pretty tight. So playing out of the fairway is crucial.

TMGP: What would you say are the top 3 golf courses in Missouri?

Morgan: Since I am from Kansas City, I am pretty partial to the courses in the area. The courses that I think are the top 3 in Missouri are The Country Club at Loch Lloyd, The National Golf Club of Kansas City ( I’m very partial to this course since I work there), and the last one would probably be Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis.


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