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GolfTEC’s Equation to Shaping Better Swings Continues to Prosper


The growth of golf has been questioned in the past years and some say the game is on its last legs but one company, GolfTEC, is squashing those rumors and proves the sport is very much alive and thriving.

Just earlier this year, GolfTEC marked an industry milestone by teaching its six millionth lesson, an absolutely staggering accomplishment that speaks to the quality and commitment of the company. From the company’s humble beginnings in Colorado 20 years ago to now having more than 200 centers globally, GolfTEC is now one of the most recognized brands in the game.

By fusing together state-of-the-art technology, proprietary software and Certified Personal Coaches, GolfTEC is able to provide players of all skill levels with a one-on-one, technically advanced approach to the game and all within a private bay. Lessons are based on the company’s “Five Factors,” fact-based diagnosis, sequential lessons, video-based practice, advanced retention tools, and precision-fit clubs, though tailored to each individual’s specific needs and goals.

With a 95-percent success rate, GolfTEC’s formula for instruction is creating a better golfer quicker and more efficiently. The blueprint is simple as stated by CEO and Co-Founder, Joe Assell. “When golfers shoot lower scores they want to play and enjoy the game more,” said Assell. “GolfTEC’s strategy has been focused on optimizing the convenience and time dedication of our students through researched siting of stores and extraordinary emphasis on customer satisfaction.”Here are just a few examples of technology that GolfTEC offers its students during instruction and club-fitting. (A golfer’s very own candy shop.) :

  • g-SWING System – Patented software program that displays real-time video with motion measurement, capturing body positions throughout the swing; coaches use the info to diagnose, communicate and measure the changes that will lead to improvement
  • Foresight® launch monitor – Captures and displays performance data – ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, sidespin and backspin – used as part of TECfit club fitting or to illustrate changes in ball performance resulting from swing adjustments
  • SwingLabs® database – Part of the TECfit club fitting process, results from the Foresight® launch monitors are cross-referenced through this extensive database to help select the ideal clubs for each student’s swing

While media is reporting about the supposed crippling of golf, GolfTEC has been the catalyst in trade trends and has set its sights on posting record revenues, lessons taught and facility openings once again. A success story that needs to be told more often.

If you need further proof, visit the company’s website, www.golftec.com, and check out some of the amazing success stories of players dropping double-digits off their handicap in a relatively short period of time or head out to one of St. Louis’s GolfTEC centers, Clayton, Chesterfield or Des Peres, for a swing analysis.


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