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FullSizeRenderErik Meyer is the Assistant Superintendent at The Club at Old Hawthorne in Columbia, Missouri.

What got you “hooked” on golf? Was it at a young age and you stayed hooked, or did you do other things and come back to golf? 

I was around golf all of my life, but I wasn’t hooked at a young age. I played mostly baseball and basketball growing up until I was a sophomore in high school. Once my friends and I started driving we started playing golf a lot more, and I eventually got a job on a golf course during the summers. I would say that is what got me “hooked” on golf.

Was there one person who played a big role, was influential? 

My dad would be the most influential person who got me hooked on the game. He has played the game since I can remember and once I started playing we would play all of the time.

Describe your favorite time on a golf course. Was it with kids/parents, was it a great scoring round (low score), or something else that makes it a favorite? 

My favorite time on a course would be while I was working at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis and we were hosting the Senior PGA Championship. My dad got to come down and volunteer for the tournament with me, and work on setting up the course every morning. After we would set up the course, we would get to go watch golf for the rest of the day.

What courses in Missouri and around the world are on your bucket list?

Bellerive is one course in Missouri that was on my bucket list, along with Old Warson and St. Louis Country Club. Courses around the world would include Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and Baltusrol. I also think it would be cool to play The Olympic Course in Brazil that they are playing the Olympics on in 2016.

Have you scratched any off your bucket list? 

So far I have scratched off Bellerive, Old Warson, and Baltusrol.

Do you have a favorite club in your bag?

My 56 degree Titleist Vokey wedge

What’s the best golf related advice/tip that you’ve ever been given?

To take it one shot at a time. There is no reason to let a bad shot on the first or second hole make you so mad that it ruins the rest of your round.

What current or former PGA Tour player would you love to meet and why?

Phil Mickleson. He has always been my favorite player growing up. He seem like a really good guy and he is fun to watch. He isn’t afraid to try any shot.

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