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Posture Tips

As golfers we know the importance of good posture. I would go as far as to define your posture as the first part or beginning of your golf swing. How you address the ball has an effect on your backswing and your backswing has an effect on your forward swing. So, in the chain of events that happens […]

Dear Dr. Divot: Furious

Dear Dr. Divot, I’m 16 and I play a lot of golf. I tried out for the High School team last year and I even play in some tournaments. My handicap index is 10.3. My problem is that I can’t seem to keep my emotions under control. I get really upset with myself when I […]

Dear Dr. Divot: Old and Grumpy

Dear Dr. Divot, What do you make of guys who treat our great game like a big frat party? I get really upset when I see “players” who don’t respect the game, who think golf is an excuse to drink beer and smoke cigars and ride around in a cart. And, oh yes, occasionally hit […]

Dear Dr. Divot: Just Wanna’ Know

Dear Dr. Divot, Some of the guys I play with will “take an X” on one or more holes when they have hit into a hazard, fluffed a shot in a bunker or knocked one out-of-bounds. This seems like a way to keep their scores down and their tempers in remission after a disaster. Can […]

Dear Dr. Divot: Rookie

Dear Dr. Divot, I have been a member of my club for only a short time, and one of the first things people want to know is: “what’s your handicap?”  I’ve never had a handicap before, so I’m not sure exactly how I should react. After all the old jokes about my swing and my […]

Dear Dr. Divot: Frustrated

Dear Dr. Divot, I make a point of turning in all of my scores – even nine-holers (and a few I’m not too proud of) – so I know my handicap is accurate. Problem is, some of the guys I play with seem to hone their handicaps to a number they like and then never […]

Dear Dr. Divot: Curious

Dear Dr. Divot, I’ve got two questions for you, Doc. The guys I started playing with “roll” the ball in the fairway. In other words, it’s “winter rules” year ’round. And two of these guys use distance-measuring devices on every shot. One has pictures on a screen and the other measures yardage to the flagstick. […]

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The Missouri Golf Post is a monthly digital magazine that “celebrates the people who play the game.” Each monthly issue contains several “feature” stories on golfers, golf courses, and/or major tournaments of interest statewide. Each issue contains a number of regular departments on topics such as Tournament Summaries, Fitness, “The Superintendent’s Corner,” Instruction, and Rules.


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