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My name is Will Burch; I was born and raised in the small agricultural town of Butler, Missouri on a family farm. After graduating from Butler High School in 2007, I attended Missouri Valley College for one semester and accepted a golf scholarship, which unfortunately didn’t work out. I then attended and graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Agri-business management. I now work in Belton, Missouri as an Insurance advisor for Missouri Farm Bureau.

TMGP: What/who got you started into the game of golf?

Will: My father. I always played baseball growing up because that’s what all of my friends were busy doing. Once I got into middle school my dad took up golfing again, thinking it would be a good outdoor activity that we could enjoy together. Once he took me and got me started I was hooked, quit baseball and started focusing on becoming a better golfer.

TMGP: Can you describe your best moment or day on the golf course?

Will: My senior year of high school at the State Golf tournament was probably the best round I’ve ever played. I was -1 heading into the back 9 when a huge thunderstorm hit, which de-railed my round a little bit and I ended up tying for 17th. It made it pretty special that my parents were there and got to witness all of this happening.

TMGP: What’s the most beautiful/scenic course you’ve ever played?

Will: Last year through a company incentive trip that I won, I got the opportunity to play Pebble Beach. The course is absolutely breath taking, right by the ocean, the scenery is just indescribable. I found it hard to get frustrated with my game because it was so beautiful, and because I was getting to play such a historic course. It was a fantastic experience that I got to share with my mom and dad, which was awesome.

TMGP: Have you ever met or played with a current or former PGA Tour player?

Will: I’ve never had an opportunity to meet a PGA tour player, but when I was twelve I got to play a 9-hole pro-am with the Senior PGA Tour at The National in Kansas City, Missouri. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to play with a gentleman named Allen Doyle, he was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. He was very patient with all of us, and very generous with his time answering several of our questions as we played, and after the round.

TMGP: What course in Missouri would you most love to play on and why?

Will: I’ve never gotten the opportunity to play at Porto Cima at The Lake of the Ozarks. I’ve seen it from the lake and it looks amazing. Getting to play a course that the legend Jack Nicklaus designed would just add to the scenery the golf course has to offer.

TMGP: Do you feel that your perspective on the game has changed or evolved since you first started playing?

Will: No question about it, I have learned that I have to control my emotions. The psychological part of golf is so pivotal. You must possess confidence with every swing; there is no time to be negative or upset with a poorly executed shot. Also, I try to be more analytical in my approach, thinking about the best angle to attack the green etc.

TMGP: Do you have any specific golf products that you rely on/enjoy using?

Will: Yes, I love my Titleist driver and Hybrid. These are my favorite clubs that I have in my bag, mainly because driving the ball, unfortunately is the strongest part of my game. I also love the Titleist Pro-V1x, in my opinion there isn’t a better ball out there.

TMGP: What would you say are the top 3 golf courses in Missouri?

Will: My 3 favorite courses that I have been on in order would be The National, Ledgestone and Branson Creek. The National is awesome, extremely challenging, beautiful everything you would want in a golf course. Ledgestone in Branson is a short course but one that I really enjoy playing, also a very challenging course. Branson Creek is extremely challenging and long, but very unique as well.


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