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TMGP: Who got you started in golf?

Alex: My dad was the person who taught me how to play golf. He actually used to take me out onto a baseball field behind our house and set up a flag in the middle of the diamond and we would hit iron shots and chip shots at it when I was about 3-4 years old.

TMGP: Do you take lessons and have a regular teacher? Describe what you do to fix things when needed. Go to a teacher? Work things out yourself?

Alex: No, I have actually never had a lesson in my life and do not have any kind of swing coach or anything. I just teach myself how to hit certain shots and try not to alter my swing much at all. When I do find something wrong in my swing I usually try to go to the driving range by myself and just hit balls until I can figure out what is wrong.

TMGP: What is your best score and what is the number to par?

Alex: Well, my best score in literal terms is a 67 which I have shot 4 times, all at different courses. On these courses this score was -5 to par 72. However, the score which I am most proud of is a -3 at Bellerive CC during my freshman year high school season.

TMGP: What’s the best golf tip you have ever heard?

Alex: “On a par 4, 3 bad shots and 1 good one still make par.” I feel this statement is very true because nobody ever has a “perfect round”, there are always shots that could have been better. There is always a hole or two even in everyone’s stellar rounds where they find themselves in trouble, whether it be in a hazard, in the woods, or just in some weeds. On these holes in these situations is where the round is made or broken, where the tournament is won or lost. The winners are the ones who can make shots like this, who can get a par when nobody expects them to, even after they have just hit the worst shot of their day.

TMGP: Have you changed out your Long Irons to Hybrids? What’s the longest iron in your golf bag?

Alex: Yes, I previously carried a 3-hybrid up until this season. I have now gone to a 3 iron instead. I like the iron better just because it is more versatile. Yes, I did give up maybe 8-10 yards with the switch, but with my 3 iron I can move the ball better, control the height of my shots better, and use it to get out of trouble from almost anywhere.

TMGP: Do you have a USGA handicap?

Alex: Yes, I have a USGA handicap of 0.8. I used to not keep a handicap, but now I actually need it to play in some USGA tournaments this year.

TMGP: What do you consider to be the best golf courses in Missouri?

Alex: Top 3 Golf Courses in Missouri:
1. Bellerive Country Club
2. Dalhousie Golf Club
3. St. Louis Country Club


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