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Today’s Daily Golfer profile is Martin Siddall from Columbia, Missouri. Martin has long lasting roots in the game of golf that date back to his days in elementary school. He has some legendary memories that he shared with us.

TMGP: Can you describe your best moment or day on the golf course?

Martin: Some days golf just seems easy. That’s rarely the case but it did happen to me during a club championship round when I lived in Indiana. I was in the final match with someone who plays at a much higher level than me. He played well but I played a better game that day. It was an important match for me and, oddly, I didn’t feel so much as a twitch of nerves.

TMGP: Do you take lessons and have a regular teacher? Describe what you do to fix things when needed. Go to a teacher? Work things out yourself?

Martin: I grew up working for a pro that taught me many basics about my own swing and swing dynamics in general. When my game is not going well, I always go back to those basics and work the bugs out myself. That said, all the work on the tee doesn’t seem to match the confidence gained from breaking through with a good round again. Clearly one has something to do with the other!

TMGP: What/who got you started into the game of golf?

Martin: I had a friend whose father played golf. We would take his dad’s clubs and knock balls around behind the elementary school in my neighborhood. I told my father I wanted to learn and he surprised me with a set of golf clubs that we initially shared. My dad and I fell in love with the game together and time together on the golf course turned out to be the most profound thread in the close relationship that I shared with my father.

TMGP: Do you have a regular “game” with friends?

Martin: Yes. Thursdays when available along with Saturday and Sunday mornings. We are a blend of unique characters and the gamesmanship never ends until all bets are paid.

TMGP: What’s your best score? Number and what was it to par?

Martin: 68 on par 72 courses. I have been able to do this approximately 10 to 12 times but never better. One time I was 6 under after 17 holes and double bogeyed the 18th. Another reminder to never get head of your next shot!

TMGP: What’s the most beautiful/scenic course you’ve ever played?

Martin: I have played Pebble Beach – and it is beautiful!!. But the course that I love the most is Teugega Country Club where I worked and played as a kid and young man. It is a scenic Donald Ross course cu into the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Donald Ross dated a gal there while he was doing the design and it is said that he was meticulous as result of his many trips to Rome, NY.

TMGP: Have you ever met or played with a current or former PGA Tour player?

Martin: Yes! I have been fortunate. I have met Arnold Palmer 4 times, Jack Nicholas, Ken Venturi and John Daly. I have also been fortunate to have played with David Toms (2001 PGA Champion), Lee Jansen (1993 & 1998 US Open Champion), Lou Graham (1975 US Open Champion) and Steve Elkington (1995 PGA Champion).


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