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UMKC Men’s Golf NCAA Championship Quotes


Antoine Rozner:

“Before coming here this week, I knew anything inside the top-10 would be a very good performance. Being able to compete with the best in the world makes me truly believe the best is yet to come. With [UMKC Head] coach [J.W. VanDenBorn], we’ve done an amazing job on and off the course these last couple of month, and having such a successful postseason is very rewarding.

“I hope to leave a strong legacy at our school. UMKC deserves much better recognition nationwide. There are still too many people that don’t know much about us and what we do. Now there will be more people that know. I hope my teammates will battle hard the next few years just like we did this year. I’ll be watching closely.”

“The plan for me now is to go home and enjoy some time with my family and friends. Then there will be a lot of international tournaments that I will play all around the world in the next few months. The British amateur, the Palmer Cup, European Team Championship, U.S. Amateur and the World Amateur will be the main events. In the fall I will head to the Web.com q-school. It has always been a dream of mine to play as a pro and being able to do it over here in the U.S. would be something amazing. I will for sure always represent the ‘Roos no matter what happens or where I go.”


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