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Tournament Preview: The Missouri Amateur at Norwood Hills

Norwood Hills, called “North Hills” in 1931, hosted its first of two State Ams in the 30s. A strong wind swept the course all day during qualifying, causing scores to be quite high. Richard Bockenkamp of Midland Valley (old Meadowbrook) and Don Lambert of St. Louis CC tied for medalist honors with 3-over par 74s. Only 118 of the 185 players who started the day turned in scorecards.

An effect of the Great Depression can be seen in the geography of the field as only three of the 32 qualifiers were from outside St. Louis. Times were still tough two years after the stock market crash.

Jim Manion, the last of six former champions still alive, was eliminated when Don Lambert made 20-footers on 17 and 18 in the quarterfinals. Lambert, regarded as the top player in the St. Louis District, missed two short putts in the semifinal against Les Slattery, Sr. that lead to his ouster.

Bryan Winter, a North Hills member, used local knowledge to his advantage in defeating three past or future Amateur Champions, Elliot Whitbread, Bockenkamp, and Chester O’Brien, in his march to the finals against Slattery.

Les shot an unofficial 73 to Winter’s 74 in the morning round but was 1-down. Winter never trailed in posting a 3&1 victory.

This was 18-year-old Bob Cochran’s first Missouri Amateur.

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