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TMGP: What/who got you started into the game of golf?

Tim: I was the youngest of 4 kids and had 2 older brothers. My dad would take them and go out and play. I was a lefty and they were all righties. We didn’t have any money for a lefty set so I had to learn how to play righty. I still to this day play right handed but it feels so good and natural to swing lefty. But I do putt left handed, kind of freaks people out a little sometimes.

TMGP: Can you describe your best moment or day on the golf course?

Tim: I played a round of golf with my best friends’ dad in state of California. At that time I carried a lefty driver in my bag and would hit it on occasion. We were paired up with 2 others guys and we started the round and some reason that day I could do anything with that ball I wanted to draw it fade it whatever. I got thru about 15 holes and I knew I was playing pretty good for me. The guy I was playing with for some reason did a count of the strokes up to that point and I was 3 under going into 16. He should have never told me, as I folded like a cheap chair. I ended up shooting 1 over total! I’ll take that though, since it was so much fun. He also along the round bet the others guys I could hit a lefty driver further than they hit their ball…he won money that day!

TMGP: What’s the most beautiful/scenic course you’ve ever played?

Tim: I have played at a lot of pretty courses but I think the one that sticks out in my mind is in Albuquerque, NM. Paa-ko Ridge Golf Club…..absolutely stunning as you walk into the breeze way to either go right to pro shop or left to grab lunch. The mountain view was like no other I have ever seen. It’s postcard material, for sure.

TMGP: Do you feel that your perspective on the game has changed or evolved since you first started playing?

Tim: I don’t feel like the actual game has changed much really. All the other stuff has changed for sure, equipment probably changed the most…from hitting persimmon woods to metal and graphite.
The way I play the game has changed a lot, I don’t hit the ball as far as I used to so my thoughts on keeping it in play his a much desired effort now.

TMGP: What course in Missouri would you most love to play on and why?

Tim: I have played Porto Cima a hand full of times with a couple of good friends but that particular course is probably the hardest golf course I have ever played. I don’t know what my issue is but I keep coming back for more. Like my buddy said, ‘if you can get thru the first 5-6 holes without wanting to quit you might enjoy the round after all.’ Seems to make me a golfer better though, think that’s why I like it so much.

TMGP: When Missouri is covered in snow do you fly off to play on warmer courses? If so, where do you go?

Tim: I fly to Vegas a couple of times a year while it’s cold here and play at several different golf courses. It’s a pretty high in price to play that time of year but normally 6-70 degrees though. It’s a good escape from the cold.

TMGP: What would you say are the top 3 golf courses in Missouri?

Tim: I think Porto Cima, Tanglewood in Fulton, Osage National is another favorite, all 3 nines play completely different.


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