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Tee-It-Up Tuesday’s


The adventure of Tee-It-Up Tuesday’s was birthed, coined & experienced over a one week period this past month:  Tuesday, June 24th @ Osage National Golf Resort and a week later, Tuesday, July 1st @ Old Kinderhook as three aging entrepreneurial buddies (who haven’t enjoyed the fellowship of playing together as much over the last couple years) searched out a reason/excuse to play ‘hooky’ a couple Tuesday’s each month in search of a “day of golf/fellowship/banter” and the occasional good shot/birdie, that just might ensue during the round, for bragging rights at dinner and on the drive home.

Our sponsors are The Missouri Golf Post and MGN (Missouri Golf Network)… as we do mix a little business along with the pleasure of experiencing some of the top golf in Missouri (after all, we’re all entrepreneurs and we just can’t help it).   Thanks for watching the videos produced by The Missouri Golf Post for our hosts (Osage National & Old Kinderhook) as we discuss the course, the facilities, the amenities and the natural beauty and value of playing golf in our own home state!

These notes/stories (a blog of sort) are meant to loosely chronicle our Tee-It-Up Tuesday’s adventures along the way.  It’s certainly not to edify our games (as ‘having game’ has NOT been apparent through the first two Tuesday’s).  ‘Adventures’… do seem to sum up our golf as individuals and as a group as each round unfolds, however.

Of our six scores posted during these first two adventures… we’ve managed to post two rounds in the mid-high 70’s, one in the 80’s and three in the low 90’s… Ironically, the names are not the same on the 70’s or the 90’s… welcome to golf, huh?

We’ve witnessed 4 birdies in 6 holes by one of us… while another played 3 bunker shots from the exact same location in the same ‘American pot bunker’.   We’ve witnessed the incredible course management of a 5-iron drive, followed by a 3-iron approach, followed by a 1 putt birdie… on a 320 yard par four.  Birdies, Pars, Bogies and the dreaded “others” stats are now redefined for our group… as “others” now means triples and above!

Yet, through it all… the lost balls, penalty shots, ‘reloads’, the occasional dreaded “S_ank” and our newly RE-defined “others” category… the original goal of playing “hooky” in the Hope of renewed LIFE/golf fellowship of three buddies remains in tact and my heart is stronger (as well of my sense of humor and self tolerance).

Plus, I’m reminded what a wonderful world of golf we have right here in Missouri (thanks to our host courses) which makes me anticipate our next great adventure on Tee-It-Up Tuesday’s.

We’ll see you soon… (Fore!).

Written by: Trent Poage for The Missouri Golf Post, Tee-It-Up Tuesday’s…

Check out our video interviews!

Ryan Manselle – Osage National Golf Resort

Jeff Carroll – Old Kinderhook


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