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St. Joseph Country Club sale moves forward

St. Joseph Country Club Sale Moves Forward


St. Joseph Country Club Foundation members voted Saturday to approve a purchase agreement with GreatLife Golf & Fitness of Kansas City.

Only one member opposed the agreement. With the board of directors previously giving unanimous support, officials said it’s probable the Country Club, and all its assets, could be in the hands of new owners by the end of February.

Board of Directors President Tyler Morgan said there is always a chance that something will come up between now and the closing date in late February, but GreatLife’s enthusiasm makes the sale very possible.

“They’re very excited,” Morgan said. “They feel as if this will be one of their elite clubs in this Kansas City marketplace.”

Talks with GreatLife officials began last spring when concerns over the declining number of new golfers had club members worried. Morgan said the idea for a full sale of property and assets didn’t come until the summer. Details of the deal have not been released, but Morgan said the deal will be beneficial for members and owners alike.

“I’ve never been more excited to be a member of this club,” Morgan said. “Our membership came to us and charged us with a duty over a year ago to find a new solution, a viable solution that would take us into the future and help us to exist.”

GreatLife owns clubs around the Kansas City area and specializes in getting people into golf. Morgan said the company’s model makes a stable decision for the club.

“We see this as the ultimate … step in securing this club’s future,” he said.

He said members shouldn’t fear a change in price, because many of the classes in membership may see a significant reduction in their dues. Members also will gain access to other GreatLife clubs, and new amenities to the St. Joseph club, such as a fitness center addition.

If the club is bought by GreatLife Golf & Fitness, they will still have full power over personnel decisions, but Morgan said the potential buyer is planning on keeping all employees that currently work at the club.


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