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As golfers we know the importance of good posture. I would go as far as to define your posture as the first part or beginning of your golf swing. How you address the ball has an effect on your backswing and your backswing has an effect on your forward swing. So, in the chain of events that happens when hitting a golf ball, your set-up/posture is the first part.

Muscle imbalances that can cause poor posture and ways to alleviate them:

1. ”C” Posture, which is a muscle imbalance called “upper-crossed syndrome” is a common issue for those who possess rounded shoulder or forward neck posture. This can be due to inherited genetics or a sedentary lifestyle caused by sitting at a desk hunched over your computer all day.

• Examples of overactive (short/tight) muscles-upper trapezius, pectoral, neck

• Examples of underactive (lengthened/weak) muscles-mid and low trapezius, rotator cuff, rhomboids

• Stretch overactive muscles/Strengthen underactive muscles

• Exercises/Stretching examples –

  • Shoulder blade kisses – Pectoralis stretch
  • Standing Gastrocnemius (calf) stretch
  • Door jam leaning-change hand positions – Pectoralis Major
  • Neck tilts for Scalene and Trapezius
  • Rowing exercises-mid and lower Trapezius
  • Internal and external shoulder rotational exercises

2. ”S” Posture which is a muscle imbalance called “lower-crossed syndrome” is also very common today. With this imbalance the pelvis is tilted anteriorly which causes the appearance of a severely arched lower back.

• Examples of overactive (Tight/Short) muscles-Quads, Hamstrings, back

• Examples of underactive (Lengthened/weak) muscles-Gluteus, Abdominals, Latissimus Dorsi.

• Stretch Overactive muscles/Strengthen Underactive muscles

• Exercises/Stretching examples –

  • Toe touches-hamstrings
  • The “Brettzel” stretch
  • Split Squat-Gluteus
  • Planks-Abs
  • Row in golf posture-Latissimus Dorsi.

For more information on your posture or to start a golf fitness program contact Don Gorin at 314-954-7407 dongorin@pga.com.


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