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I’m Morgan Lamberson and I’m currently finishing my senior year at Drury University (Springfield), where I’m a member of the women’s golf team. I served as the USGA P.J. Boatwright Intern for the Missouri Women’s Golf Association during the summer of 2012 and for the Missouri Golf Association during the summer of 2013. Starting in May 2014 I will be an intern with the Northern Texas PGA for their professional section tournaments and junior tournaments.

TMGP: What/who got you started into the game of golf?

Morgan: My parents and grandpa got me started in golf when I was 7 years old. Golf was always a family event. My brother and I would go to the course with them to hit some shots while they played. I wasn’t very interested at first and you would find me doing cartwheels down the fairway instead of hitting the ball! Some of my best early memories on the course were when I played a few holes and then went hunting for golf balls with my grandpa. Sibling rivalry and my competitive nature helped my competitive golf career start because I always wanted to beat my brother when we were practicing or playing in the same tournaments and this gave me reason to practice and work harder at golf.

TMGP: Can you describe your best moment or day on the golf course?

Morgan: I can’t pick just one moment so here are a couple. The day I shot 69 was definitely one of my best days on the course because it was the first time I shot under par in a tournament and every shot felt awesome. Winning a collegiate tournament my sophomore year was also a pretty great moment on the course because it showed me how all my hard work had paid off.

TMGP: Do you take lessons and have a regular teacher? Describe what you do to fix things when needed. Go to a teacher? Work things out yourself?

Morgan: My swing coach is Dave Broderick who is from the Kansas City area and I’ve worked with him since about 8th grade. I go to him on an as-needed basis if something isn’t quite right with my swing or if I need a confidence boost. Each time I work with him, he gives me a few specific things to keep in mind when I’m practicing so if something’s going wrong I can usually think back to what he told me at the lesson and work out the problem.

TMGP: Do you have a regular “game” with friends?

Morgan: I guess I would consider practice with my team every day to be my regular “game”. We practice together and we usually get to play at least three days a week. I’m looking forward to when I can join a ladies league and play with the same group every week.

TMGP: What’s your best score? Number and what was it to par?

Morgan: My best score to date was a 69 on my par-72 home course, Indian Foothills Golf Course in Marshall, MO in a tournament the summer after my 8th grade year. My lowest round of my collegiate career was a 73 at Gateway National Golf Course (par 72) in St. Louis.

TMGP: What’s the best golf related advice/tip that you’ve ever been given?

Morgan: The best advice I’ve been given is to “play your own game and not your competitor’s game”. Having your own game plan on how to approach a course is important to have and to stick to because trying to “outdo” your competitors can sometimes lead to stupid mistakes.

TMGP: What course in Missouri would you most love to play on and why?
Morgan: I would really like to play Dalhousie Country Club and Porto Cima. I worked tournaments at both courses during my internships and they looked challenging and beautiful. I was able to play 9 holes at Dalhousie but I’d like to play the full 18 holes.

TMGP: Do you feel that your perspective on the game has changed or evolved since you first started playing?

Morgan: My perspective on golf has definitely changed and golf has become more complicated since I first began playing. I used to just walk up to my ball and hit it without hesitation but now at the collegiate level there is so much more to factor into your shot. There also used to be no pressure when playing but that increased throughout high school and college because you want to play well for yourself, your team, and your coach.

TMGP: Do you have any specific golf products that you rely on/enjoy using?

Morgan: I definitely rely on my rangefinder while I’m playing and practicing. It’s pretty amazing to think that growing up and all through high school I had to walk around the course and walk off yardages, and now I can get the exact distance with the rangefinder. It has really helped me learn exactly how far I hit each club and helps with accuracy on the course.

TMGP: When Missouri is covered in snow do you fly off to play on warmer courses? If so, where do you go?

Morgan: I have gone somewhere warm during my past three winter breaks. This winter I went to Hawaii and played at Kapalua, last winter I traveled to Scottsdale and played TPC Scottsdale, and in 2012 I played in San Diego!

TMGP: Have you changed out your long irons to hybrids? What’s the longest iron in your golf bag?

Morgan: I am a fairly long hitter so I have kept my long irons and rely on them. I have one hybrid that I rarely use and my longest iron is a 4 iron.


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