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What is Hot Yoga?


            Hot Yoga is a series of specialized yoga poses performed in a heated room which is usually maintained at a temperature of 100 to 105 degrees. As you can imagine, a vigorous session at this temperature promotes profuse sweating which rids the body of toxins. It also makes the body very warm and therefore more flexible. Students of all ages who regularly practice yoga notice an increase in energy, strength, balance, flexibility and mental  focus. The body is flushed of toxins leaving a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Sumits yoga is everyday yoga for everybody. The teacher leads each class while each student individualizes their practice based on their day, their body, their goals and intentions.

Sumits Yoga was created by Sumit Banerjee based on his own years of experience practicing and teaching various yoga styles—including Bikram and Vinyasa. The classes integrate the core principles of traditional hot Bikram yoga and power flow which is Ashtanga inspired.

Why yoga?

–Yoga is low impact and moves with your body’s natural range of motion. It is excellent for cardiac health. Unlike other forms of exercise that can eventually damage the body from overuse, with yoga, the more you practice the more you improve.

–You will lose body fat and increase your metabolism as you get stronger. A regular yoga practice balances hormones that help you sleep deeply and wake up renewed.

–Increase your cell turnover for a radiant complexion. Decreased blood flow and oxygenation of tissue causes cell death, build-up of toxins, and premature aging. Yoga expands and contracts your body enabling light/heat to efficiently break through blocked energy.

–Create greater flexibility and make everyday activities more enjoyable. Muscles and joints stiffen from underuse and/or jobs that require long hours of sitting or bending. This can compress and disfigure the spine causing discomfort and muscles to conform to incorrect alignment. Hot Yoga increases blood flow to these hard to reach areas.

–Improve your balance and posture. Poor posture weakens your body, burdens your organs, and depletes your energy.


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