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Hieronymus Cup Saturday Matches Set for “Open” Players


West Captain Antonio Serrano and his counterpart for the East squad, Skip Berkmeyer, have set their four-ball and foursomes matches for Saturday at the CC at St. Albans Tavern Creek course. The senior captains, BJ Curry (West) and Jeff Johnson (East), will make their pairings at the Friday evening players’ dinner.

Sat. morning four-ball

1. Haskell-Serrano (West)  vs Berkmeyer-Britt

2. Nurski-Fredrick  vs Dale-Niezing

3. Reynolds-Hathcock  vs Phillips-Allen

4. Hatten-Stalker  vs Craig-Caravia

5. Atkisson-Monheiser  vs Siebert-Martin

Sat. aftn foursomes

1. Nurski-Serrano  vs Berkmeyer-Britt

2. Haskell-Stalker  vs Phillips-Allen

3. Atkisson-Hathcock vs Dale-Niezing

4. Fredrick-Hatten vs Craig-Caravia

5. Reynolds-Monheiser  vs Siebert-Martin


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