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The New Golf Galaxy® “Superstore”


It seemed like a good idea to accept the invite to tour the newly remodeled Golf Galaxy store on THF Blvd in Chesterfield Commons East. I hadn’t ever been out to that Galaxy location, hadn’t been to a golf retail store in a while, probably wouldn’t hurt to check out the new products and technologies, I thought.

I was greeted at the front door by Emily Nelson, one of Golf Galaxy’s Community Marketing Managers based in Texas. She smiled knowingly as she watched my jaw drop and eyes widen as I tried to take in the scene. “Did I just walk into the Orlando Golf Expo? What in the world is going on here?” I asked.

“We want to make it look like a golf expo. Create that ‘wow’ factor with our customer,” she said. “Well, you’ve succeeded! I’ve never been in a facility that even comes close to this,” I said.

We were joined on our tour by Golf Galaxy District Sales Manager John Kollm, down from Chicago to oversee the grand re-opening, and Store Manager Darrin Williams. For the next hour or so we toured the facility and I saw one state of the art area after another. Here’s a recap of some of their game improvement/equipment offerings within this 33,000 sq. ft. “store.”

**One “regular” and four company-specific fitting bays. The regular one is company-agnostic and can be used to try out any number of their demo clubs. Oh, by the way, it’s equipped with the Foresight launch monitor that’s the latest in measuring not just the golf ball’s flight and speed but also your swing path. The four other bays are dedicated ones for Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, and Titleist. And each of these is staffed by a Golf Galaxy employee who has been trained by one of those four companies at their headquarters. So you don’t have to go to Phoenix to get fitted by an expert in the Ping fitting technology.

**A 40 foot “Tour Van” that is the real deal—just like what you see parked at PGA Tour stops. This is the same “van” a tour pro would visit to get a club bent or have a different shaft put in his driver. Watch them put your new custom driver together? Sure. Get new grips put on your irons? Of course.

**The largest practice putting area I’ve ever seen indoors at a retail facility—and maybe the most putters I’ve ever seen in one place! There are three different greens that range in speed from slow to “normal” to fast.  And the latest in fitting technology to make sure you’ve got the right length and loft. How you wield that new putter is, as always, completely on you…


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