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Gil Hill’s story puts a name and a face to the old adage that “golf is a game for a lifetime.”

He has been playing golf since 1950 “when I was a senior at Nebraska Wesleyan U.” Gil runs a golf group in Omaha, NE called the “good ‘ol boys .”  Gil is in charge of finding courses within 50 miles of Omaha and booking the tee times for their Monday and Wednesday games.

He reports that the group started out years ago as the “Dirty Dozen.” He further reports that he’s “played all over the US and on a couple of islands.” He also says that he’s made two aces in his more than 60 years playing golf.

Gil is now 89–and it doesn’t seems he’s too interested in slowing down. After all, he reminds us that “stressed” is simply “desserts” spelled backwards. “Coincidence?”, he asks, “don’t’ think so.”

Be sure to check out this video from Omaha news station KETV about Gil as well. Find the video here.


Jim Ellis, Gil’s son David, Gil Hill

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