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Gavin Yociss is a junior at Sullivan High School and a mainstay on the school’s golf team.  He recently took some time before his golf lesson with teacher with teacher Pete Buchanan to answer a few of our questions.

How did you get your start in golf?

I began playing at the tender age of four when my grandpa gave me a set of plastic clubs. I’ve since graduated to the real thing, but I was “hooked” on golf at an early age banging around with those plastic clubs and golf balls.

What’s been your best day on the golf course? Describe it.

My grandpa and I traveled to Arkansas for a junior tournament qualifier. We went out for a practice round on just a perfect weather day. Everything was going right for me that day, it seems. I had complete control of my golf ball, shot a good score, and had a blast playing with my grandfather. It’s my favorite memory of him and of golf.

What’s your favorite course to play and which courses are on your “bucket list?”

I really liked playing The Hombre course in Panama City, FL. I love the set up and layout with water coming into play of 16 of the holes. It was also neat visually with pine trees lining the fairways and all of that water. I plan to go back there next summer to play it again.

Courses I’d like to play someday are Pebble Beach, TPC Sawgrass, Valhalla, and, of course, Augusta National.

Is there one thing that “bugs” you about golf that you think we could change?

Yes, I’d love for junior golfers to have more opportunities to play “famous” courses—assuming they could demonstrate a reasonable skill level. Along those lines, I’d like to see the many junior tours come together into only one or two junior tours. To me, it would simplify the process and make it easier for junior golfers to do their tournament planning. Right now I think there are too many junior tours and it’s hard to sort out which ones are best to play in.


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