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Typically when brothers are competing in the same sport they are there to “one-up” each other, beat them out or just plain have a brotherly rivalry beating each other in everything. But the Quitno brothers from Nevada High School are the total opposite. Andrew and John build each other up, help each other out, and give each other support and advice. This relationship was clearly shown following the Class 3, Sectional 4 at Paradise Pointe Golf Course in Smithville, MO.

Following an average 84 score, Alex, a junior at Nevada High immediately asked John, freshman, about his score. John had shot a 71 and won the sectional competition, Andrew expressed his proud feeling for John, which seemed very untypical for an older brother.

“Andrew is always supporting John and interested to see what his score is,” Brian Leonard, Nevada High School head golf coach said. “It’s very neat to see an older brother do that and I am proud of him for that.”

Both boys managed to make the cut line at 85 and will be going to state for the first time to golf in the Class 3 final.

“It’s a fun experience playing high school golf,” John Quitno said. “It seems like there are a lot more people watching and means a lot more in terms of how you finish.”

John and Andrew have been playing golf most of their lives, living on a golf course helped introduce them to a game that both of them continue to succeed at and enjoy playing. While Andrew mainly focuses on high school golf, John excels in summer golf playing in the Missouri Junior Golf and Southwest Missouri Junior golf association since he was eight years old. John has competed in the Pepsi Titan Little People’s Golf Championship and in multiple Junior Golf championships.

“I let him win most of the time in the tournaments and competitions,” Andrew Quitno said. “Just because I beat him at most other stuff.”

While John is a very serious, straightforward golfer, Andrew is very laid-back, relaxed and has a comedic persona. He is always looking to have a fun time on the course but still takes the sport seriously and works hard to get better.

“I’m just always trying to get through the tournament, not lose too many golf balls.” Andrew said. “Usually I chip pretty well so I just go out looking for a good drive and make the putts. That’s what works for me so why change it.”

Both the boys also look to head coach, Brian Leonard, for advice on the course. Leonard has been a golf coach for ten years at Nevada High School but has never taken a whole boys team to state until this season. Leonard says, “My job is to keep the team’s mentality high and make sure they have a positive outlook without getting frustrated.”

With John and Andrew at the lead, Nevada High School golf team should succeed in the Class 3 state finals. Both brothers express great qualities of leadership and mental strength to get through the rough days on the course. The competition may be fierce but neither brother lets it get into their head and always play to their full potential. The dedication and determination of both brothers has finally brought them to one of the biggest golf competitions in Missouri and the stage is set.


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