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Brett Bieske has been a member of the Professional Golfer’s Association of America (PGA) since 1997. He graduated college from Ferris State University in the Professional Golf Management program. He is a certified clubfitter and has instructed students that include professional tour competitors, division I & II collegiates, amateurs and junior golfers. In 2001, he was awarded the Head Golf Professional of the Year (AGC Western Private Country Clubs). Brett currently is the General Manager/PGA Director of Golf at Columbia Country Club where the recently completed golf course renovation has been a “Design Excellence” honoree by the ASGCA and is nominated for consideration as “Best Newly Remodeled Private” by Golf Digest.

TMGP: Who got you started into the game of golf?

Brett: My grandfather was a solid golfer. He would take my sister and I to his backyard where he would hit golf balls into his field. My intro to golf was the ability to pick up his golf balls with his shag bag. We thought it was the best time and could not wait to hit the shots ourselves. From there, my sister and I became competitive and grew up challenging each other.

TMGP: Do you have a regular “game” with friends?

Brett: My regular games now consist of playing lessons with some of my students or get-a-ways with other professionals. One… it is a joy to see the hard work that my students put into their games on the practice range produce on the golf course. Two… it is a time for me to step away from the desk to enjoy the course and Three… it is always nice to play a little competition against your peers.

TMGP: What’s the most beautiful/scenic course you’ve ever played?

Brett: Bandon Dunes on the Oregon coast. A true golf links experience. Several wonderfully designed courses that normally would be found overseas. It takes you away from your standard golf shots and rewards those with creative minds and who can work the ball in many ways. Think British Open courses in Oregon.

TMGP: Have you ever met or played with a current or former PGA Tour player?

Brett: Having lived and worked in Southern California, I had the opportunity to play with and/or compete against numerous current, former and aspiring tour professionals. You quickly are able to see the tremendous abilities that separate average golfers from scratch golfers and scratch golfers from tour players. You have to respect the time, effort and ability that all of these players possess. I feel that any golfer should always seek out playing with those with greater abilities. You not only pick up on some key improvement tips but you get to enjoy seeing some wonderful golf shots being executed. Play with a pro whenever you can.

TMGP: What’s the best golf related advice/tip that you’ve ever been given?

Brett: The Point Drill. For those who have taken lessons from me you know what I am talking about. For those who don’t know come see me.

TMGP: Do you feel that your perspective on the game has changed or evolved since you first started playing?

Brett: Absolutely. Persimmon woods to movable weight clubs, play by feel to having distance measuring devices to the exact yard, cocktails and burgers post round to lifting weights and stretching before and after rounds, cotton shirts to temperature cooling materials, etc. Golf has evolved into a technologically advanced sport from equipment to fitness to clothing. Some of the art of Golf has been lost in shotmaking and creativeness in your execution; however, the changes have made golf more enjoyable for many players.

TMGP: What’s the course that you play on most often? What advice would you pass onto someone who is playing there for their first time?

Brett: Columbia Country Club. The outcome of the nationally recognized golf course renovation that occurred last year is nothing short of the best. I am still trying to learn all the nuances that the new course offers. All I can say is come on out and see for yourself what makes CCC special.


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