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Billy is a very enthusiastic golfer (and person) who addressed and satisfied his competitive urge with hockey while in college but has returned to golf now that he has joined the working world and club hockey in college is long past. He says he’s always looking for “an excuse” to get out and play. It seems golf has him “hooked” again…

Billy calls the Nicklaus-designed Stonewolf  in Fairview Heights, IL, his home course, but likes to travel  all over the STL area to play and enjoys competing on the Golf Channel AM Tour in their flighted events at various local tournaments.  He says he “hopes to be good enough” to play in local MGA and MetGA events, and we suspect he already has a high enough skill level — maybe not to rise to the “elite” level he assumes all MGA and Met players have achieved. He says one of his favorite aspects of competition is that “you can always improve. That’s one of the neat things about golf. There’s a quest everyone is on. No matter their level, they all want to improve.

Billy checked off several courses from his bucket list when he and his wife traveled to Ireland on vacation last year. He played Ballybuniion and then Old Head on a “great day when it was just me and my caddie (and wife) out there on a beautiful day. A special time, to be sure.”

Speaking of bucket lists, he counts Bellerive among the area tracks he’d like to test, and Pinehurst #2 and Whistling Straits are on his national “need to play” list.

What “bugs” you about the overall golf experience?

Players who don’t respect the course.   Unraked bunkers, ball marks on greens,  anything that shows a lack  of respect for the course and/or one’s fellow players.   I always try to fix three or so ball marks, as I believe it’s good karma to fix more than you make. Unraked bunkers bother me, but sometimes they’re meant to be wild and unkept, I know. I rake if it looks like raking is expected, leave wild if that seems to be the style.



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