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Bernice Edlund Award Winner


Carol Fromuth has been involved in the St. Louis golf scene seemingly her entire life. The 2014 recipient of the Missouri Women’s Golf Association’s prestigious Bernice Edlund Award, Carol currently heads up the Accelerated Golf Tour (AGT) after many years as a high school coach (golf and other sports) and as a mentor for many junior golfers in the St. Louis area.

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She founded the AGT in 2011 because she saw a void in golf programs for collegiate and advanced high school players– particularly in the summer when the college and high school golf seasons aren’t active. The AGT has filled the void by providing a summer schedule of two-day events in the greater St. Louis area, particularly in July and early August.

Please go to www.accelatedgolftour.org  or email Carol at accgolftour@aol.com to see the 2015AGT schedule and to get more info.  The AGT’s 2015 season is already underway, but it’s not too late to sign up!

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