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2013 Southern States Junior Cup Matches: Final Results



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The 2013 Southern States Junior Cup Matches have concluded.

Here are the final results for Missouri.

Singles Matches – Boys

(MS) Griffin Agent  2 UP             (MO) Tanner Elder

(MO) Taylor Woods                       (AR) Davis Trice  3 & 2

(AR) Lincoln Hill  1 UP                 (MO) Bailey Woods

(MO) Brett Windsor                       (OK) Nick Pierce  4 & 3 

(MO) Mark Martin  AS                 (MS) Sanders Ott  AS

(OK) Quade Cummins  5 & 3     (MO) Ian Barnes

Missouri – 1/2     Mississippi – 2 1/2     Oklahoma 4 1/2     Arkansas – 4 1/2

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Singles Matches – Girls

(MO) Jenna Kosmatka  2 & 1     (MS) Anna Fletcher

(AR) Peyton Weaver  AS               (MO) Taylor Hayes  AS

(MO) Brooke Thompson                (AR) Stephanie Leake

(OK) Anna Mikish                             (MO) Megan Keck  1 UP

(MS) Laura Phillips  1 UP            (MO) Elizabeth Leath

(MO) Nichole Marquis                   (OK) Kailey Campbell  7 & 6

Missouri – 3 1/2     Mississippi – 1     Oklahoma – 4     Arkansas – 3 1/2

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Final Scores: Oklahoma – 18 1/2     Arkansas – 16 1/2     Missouri – 6 1/2     Mississippi – 6 1/2


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