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Pat Britt, the winner of this year’s Jackson Invitational, is our weekly golfer this time around. Here are Pat’s responses to our questions:

When did you start playing golf and how did you get interested in the game?

I started playing as a junior at Norwood Hills CC at around 7 or 8. My mom and grandpa (her dad) got me interested. As a kid my mom would take me and my brother up to Norwood after dinner in the summer and we’d park next to #5 East and play 5 and 4 over and over until it got dark. My grandpa built my first few sets of clubs for me. He’d order the parts from Golfsmith and build them himself. Back when I was 10 or so and getting decent he’d take me over to Cloverleaf to play in his game.

Did you have a teacher who was instrumental in your progress?

I really didn’t get serious about my game until high school. Rob Sedorcek was my first teacher and I still use his short game drills and techniques and go to him when I need a short game fix. Bobby Pavelonis is my current teacher and has helped my game tremendously over the past eight years or so that I’ve been working with him.

What your favorite course to play and what course is on your bucket list?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one, but I love playing the courses at Norwood Hills where I play the most. Besides there, I love Long Cove in Hilton Head, the CC of Birmingham, and Olympia Fields in Chicago.

My bucket list includes Pine Valley, Augusta National and Pebble Beach. I also want to go over to Scotland and play those courses. And there’s a trip to Bandon Dunes on the docket for the near future—I hope in 2015.

Describe your best day on the course.

That’s a pretty tough question…I guess one would be qualifying for my first USGA event (the Mid-Amateur) in 2013 with my mom out following me. That was pretty special. Also, my son, who just turned three, asking me if WE are going to the golf course anytime he sees me putting on a golf shirt! I take him to the range during weekday evenings and it’s really fun watching him swing at it.

Is there one thing that really bugs you about the golf experience? Slow play, complex rules, etc.

No, surprisingly I’ve become much more patient and tolerant lately. Now that I have two kids at home and some long work hours, I think I’ve enjoyed my time out playing more than I did when I was younger. We have a great group of guys at Norwood and a good “game” that I really enjoy.

Do you have a favorite club in your bag?

Yes, the putter. A good putt can make up for past mistakes and I’m a pretty decent putter. As my friend says, it’s the “magic eraser.” 


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